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Cng ty C? ph?n Container Pha Nam (Viconship Saigon), ti?n thn l Cng ty Container ???c thnh l?p theo Quy?t ??nh s? 4890/Q?-TC c?a B? GTVT ngy 7 thng 12 n?m 1976, ???c c? ph?n ha t? n?m 1999, l Cng ty ??u tin t?i Vi?t Nam sau n?m 1975 ???c nh n??c cho php th?c hi?n cc d?ch v? lin quan ??n v?n t?i container m?t ph??ng th?c v?n t?i hng ha hon ton m?i m? ??i v?i Vi?t Nam lc ?.
Sau trn 30 n?m ho?t ??ng khng ng?ng pht tri?n cng v?i s? t?ng tr??ng kinh t? c?a ??t n??c, ngy nay, v?i ??i ng? cng nhn vin c trnh ?? cao v ??y nhi?t huy?t, Viconship Saigon khng ng?ng pht tri?n, m? r?ng ho?t ??ng v ngy cng hon thi?n ch?t l??ng ph?c v? khch hng trong n??c v qu?c t?.
Viconship Saigon s?n sng ?p ?ng m?i nhu c?u c?a khch hng lin quan ??n cc lnh v?c kinh doanh c?a Cng ty.

History and development
South Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock Company (Viconship Saigon) was established in December 7, 1976 under Decision No. 4890/QD-TG of Ministry of Transportation of Vietnam based on foundation laid by Container Company, transferred to joint stock model from 1999 it was the first enterprise sanctioned by Government trading on mold of container transportation services a very new method of carriage of goods at that time in Vietnam.
Over 30 years operating and continually going up with countrys economic development, nowadays, with high professionally skilled and fully enthusiastic staff Viconship Saigon has been incessantly developing, expanding its business activities and day by day enhancing customer services quality in both domestic and international segments.
Since 2007, especially, company made its own turning point as focusing on trading of sea transportation with investment in buying three dry cargo vessels and instantaneously put into operation right after purchasing delivery.
The VSG Fleet is currently effectively operating on international routes.

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